Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In Praise of Dirty Feet

It feels like we're in limbo. But in a good way. Is it summer or fall? The days sure feel like summer still, beautifully 80 degrees with puffy clouds and pleasant breezes. The evenings feel like fall, cool enough to need a jacket or a blanket to snuggle under but not frigid. I'm in love with right now. The kids are healthy and happy with no major issues to be dealing with. Matt's working full time but it still feels like we get to see a lot of him. There's oodles of fresh food pouring from gardens. At the end of every day it feels like we accomplished something great, although it's hard to label exactly what that something great is.
I think the closest I come to putting my finger on it is that my kids feet are dirty. Of course part of it is that Joanna has declared shoes unnecessary, and I can't bring myself to force the issue. Because all that grime means she was outside. My kids have spent there day running and laughing. Watching caterpillars and rolling down grass hills. Riding their bikes and drawing on the sidewalk with berries. Jumping on the trampoline, looking for bb-balls, digging in the sand, climbing rocks, playing tag, playing catch, playing make believe. They've spent the day doing exactly what kids are supposed to do, and as a result, to quote my favorite blogger, "my kids have kid feet!"
Of course there is the shadow of a long cold winter out there somewhere on the horizon. It puts a slight taint on this time of perfectness, reminding me it won't last. I know this time of year will roll around again, but it won't be the same. Ginny won't be a little compact body of pure joy, laying on a blanket and laughing at the tree above her. Joanna won't be bursting with new words every day yet still singing nonsense sounds to herself as she rides her tricycle around the driveway. Ethan won't be an excited little kindergartner who has no objections to holding my hand. Seasons change and kids grow up. Their bodies are stronger. their minds know more about the world and they've grown a little older every time I scrub the dirt off their toes. I just wouldn't be sad if this season of perfection lasted a little bit longer.


Sue said...

I could just copy that all and say "I agree". This neighborhood is the best place for all our kids to be out there being kids.

Buckwheat said...

When we had only been in our new apartment for about a day, I noticed two black smudges on the otherwise clean walls. Apparently, Marci had put her feet up on the wall while she was resting, and apparently, she has kid feet too.