Saturday, January 29, 2011


To give Ethan a little more practice with reading out loud he's taken over the job of reading bedtime stories to the girls.

As a reward he gets a chapter of a book read out loud to him by his dad.  Right now they're reading the classic, Wayside School is Falling Down.   

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hair Cuts

The gal who cuts our hair has some sort of magical power over my kids.  They all sit quietly and let her do her thing with minimal complaint.  Ginny got her first official haircut to clean up the whispy ends leftover from her baby hair.  I was worried she might loose her curl but it actually made her hair curlier.

The biggest of miracles is that Joanna lets her do "fancy stuff" to her hair.  I'm not allowed within ten feet of her with just a brush let alone a ponytail holder.

Ginny however is definitely more of a girly girl.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


The reason why I can never find a dish towel when I need one.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


We had our traditional Christmas Eve with Matt's family in Ogden a day early this year, giving us a chance to be home for Christmas.  Everyone got their new pjs.

This was the first time we'd ever been home for Christmas with our kids, and I really liked it.  We watched Charlie Brown Christmas and the Nativity and made cookies and tucked everyone into their own beds.

The kids slept in and we had a relaxing day with legos and new games and puzzles.   Matt's folks came up from Ogden to visit and see the new toys the kids got.

Christmas just keeps getting better every year.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Making Christmas

Any parent can tell you that Christmas gets about a bazillion times more exciting when you have kids.  You know what makes it a gazillion bazillion times more exciting?  Making your gifts.  For two years now we've tried to make as many of our Christmas gifts as we can, and this year we brought the kids in on it.

Joanna made snow globes for every one on her list.  I helped her with the paint and glue and she did all the rest.   For Ethan's gifts we took leaves that we had collected as a family last fall in Logan Canyon and pressed them.  Then Ethan mod-podged them to votive candle holders.

In school Joanna made a calender for us,

and Ethan made us an ornament and coupon book for doing extra chores.

I built farm house style doll beds for my girls and nieces Rocky and Daisy.  My mom made the quilts and pillows and even the mattress pads for the beds.  She put a lot of work into those blankets and they turned out so stinkin' adorable.

For Matt's present I had to learn a new crochet stitch and ended up with a cozy new hat for him.

That book with the cute little bird on the cover was one a several journals Marci hand bound.

Marci put a big chunk of last year into making all sorts of gifts.  Besides the journal she printed up a cookbook of recipes she collected from friends and family and bound them by hand in cake mix boxes.  (We've made Aynna's flautas just about every week since Christmas).  She also collected a bunch of wrappers and folded them and pieced them into awesome little bags.

Marci also made treasure boxes for Joanna and Ethan:

Ethan loves the idea that his is a secret treasure box made out of Treasure Island.


I've mentioned the wonderful books Jill made out of our blogs:

I get a little choked up every time I look through mine.

Aunt Jilly gave the kids hand painted t-shirts which my kids would wear every single day if I let them.

My artist brother Doug gave us a print of one of his best paintings of the year.   I love it.  There was an empty spot on my wall that it fit perfectly in.

Doug's wife Terresa gave me one of her beautiful hand bound journals, and Doug brought out a pile of sketches he did way back.

This is of me around age 3 or 4.  Pretty priceless.

And last of all, I crocheted.  A lot.  I made afghans for each of my siblings (which I never took pictures of), two plesiosaurus', and one beluga whale for the kiddos.

A lot of people put a lot of time and energy into these wonderful gifts, and all that effort and love is really what makes them so wonderful.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


 Just before Thanksgiving we got hit with a blizzard.  All of Northern Utah was warned to be home by 3:30 or else.  School let out early and we hunkered down.  Just as predicted, at 3:30 on the button a gale whooshed through and we couldn't see the houses across the street until late into the evening.  It was awesome.  The snow blew sideways for hours.   Compared to what the East got a few weeks later this wasn't all that big of a deal, a drift a few inches deep against our front door.  But I think it's something our kids will remember for years.  We found out at Thanksgiving that it only really got Cache Valley and the rest of Northern Utah was left cursing the weather folks for making a big deal about nothing.   For us it was perfect.  No school or work the next day and mounds of fresh snow to play in.

After a wonderful Thanksgiving we moved on into Christmas mode.
I mean it when I say it is impossible to get a picture of these kids without someone pulling a face.
December is, of course, the month of parties.  We started off with Matt's work party which gave Matt and me a chance to have a free night in Salt Lake by ourselves and the kids got a sleepover with a Grandma who loves to spoil them.
I think we can label this past December as the year we forgot to bring our camera to anything, so I'm grateful for generous people who volunteered to take pictures for us.
 We had lots of family parties.  The Isaacson party, complete with Santa:


 And Zombie pinata.

 Our ward primary did a beautiful nativity at the first ever 22nd ward Christmas party:
Ethan the donkey, kneeling in the middle watching Ginny, the wandering angel.
Joanna arranging her halo.
Matt had a few days of work but for the most part was home a lot.  Which was very nice.  Especially since December has also meant we turn our house into a little Santa's workshop, making all our Christmas gifts.