Friday, October 17, 2008

Cute Kids

With Matt gone I've been keeping better track of the cute things the kids do so I can share with him anything he missed. Here's some of them for you to enjoy along with some extra pictures:
Ethan found the pile of clothes that are too small for him that I had set aside until I could get his "grown out of" box down. He found a pair of jeans in there with a big hole in the knee and got excited. "My jeans where I can see my knee!" This story will be funnier for those who knew Ethan when he was obsessed with "PJs where I don't see my feet." He wore them for the day and I'm sure they made everyone wonder where the flood was.

Joanna has really missed her daddy. She's had conversations with her stuffed animals: "Where's daddy? Daddy working? Yeah (dramatically sad voice) Daddy working". We went to visit my parents and my dad asked her for a hug. "No hug Punka, hug daddy."

Ginny Slept in the bed with me while we were at my folks. She's only five months old and she's already mastered the little kid art of digging her feet into my back in her sleep.

We read a book before bed that mentioned ear infections and Ethan burst forth with this story: "A for two minutes before he finally got to the point) A kid in my class had an ear convection, and he sat down and fell and that gave him an ear convection and then he pushed my friend and said a mean name and he got another ear convection."

Ethan on the way to Grandmas: "Rebby (his stuffed snake) had a nightmare that his cousins were at Grandmas but he was too far away and he couldn't get to Grandmas because he was too far away. Actually, it was me. I had the nightmare."

I was trying to get Joanna to put on her new pair of adorable shoes but she kept saying "No, Ah-yee's shoes," Ally being her little neighbor friend up the street. I asked why they were Ally's shoes and she said they're cute. "Oh, Ally wears cute shoes?" "sure!" "Doesn't Joanna wear cute shoes?" "No, Joanna wears crocs."

Thursday morning I was trying to get Ethan to go play outside. I told him he should go find some friends to play with. His response: "I'm a little too tired for friends. Max just likes to play video games inside or pretend video games outside. Jakey is fun but he's still learning how to share good, and Carson...Carson wears me out."

Joanna's absolute favorite toy right now is a green stuffed frog Greg and Erica gave her for her birthday. She has 'Fwoggy' act out everything. Sitting in chairs, snuggling in bed, eating pretzles. Pretty much anything Joanna does, Froggy does too. Froggy went to story time with us this week. I was sitting to the side taking care of Ginny while Joanna sat with the group of kids in front of Miss Karen the librarian. Suddenly Joanna was sitting right next to me with a huge grin on her face. She looked at me and whispered "look at Fwoggy." I looked and there, sitting in Joanna's space in the line of kids, is Froggy, wearing Joanna's name tag and looking like he is thoroughly enjoying the story. No one else seemed to notice the switch from little girl to frog.
The storytime theme was Fall so the activity was gluing colored fall leaves on to a bare tree. Joanna grasped how Fall works really well because after gluing all her leaves on she pulled them all off again because "leaves fall down."


Marci said...

What a fun post!! I laughed my head off. I love your kids so much.
Thanks for the book. I have wanted to read it since you recommended it, and I'm so excited. I'm sure I'll get to look at it once Jill goes home but for now it has been adopted. I miss you guys but I'm glad that you wrote about those stories so I can keep up on their growth.

Janet said...

Those are just adorable children. I am so proud of them, and you, too! Love, Janet