Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ethan's Birthday Bash

Ethan had his first friends birthday party this past Saturday. I think it went just about as well as I could have hoped. My friend Sue generously lent us her yard and we started out with pumpkin bowling.

That was followed by a game of pop the balloon where everyone had a balloon tied to their ankle and tried to pop everyone else's balloons.

Then Ethan opened presents. I had talked with him three or four times before the party, pounding into him that he needed to say thank you and be so polite when he opened presents. I was cutting cake while he opened them so I'm not sure if he remembered to say thank you, but he did remember exactly what each person gave him. I discovered this later as he was trying to keep his toys out of Joanna's grasp. "No! Sydney gave me these pens! This is my monster truck from Jakey! Carson picked this planet hero just for me!"

He got a light saber from his friend Aubrey and later that day he took it outside to play. When I went outside a little while after him I saw him up on a neighbors front lawn all by himself, playing the lone Jedi defending the world from legions of bad guys. I waved and he looked at me for a second, but he didn't have time to acknowledge his mom, not when the future of millions rested on his shoulders.

My friend Heidi made the monster cake. So awesome. So delicious. She does weddings.

Of course no Howard party is complete without the smashing of a pinata.

Followed by the mad dash for candy and toys.

Thanks for all your help Karen, Sue, Heidi and Allie!


Matt said...

The kids swarming the candy reminded me of this comic:


Sue said...

That really was a fun party. Thanks for inviting us...and for the great prizes we came home with. The only thing I curse are the bubbles...I thought we were done with those for the season. I guess not. Those are cute pictures. I'll have to get them from you.