Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Still Here...

...though not much exciting to report. We're just trying to make the best of this not so great winter. February is the only time I hate living in Cache Valley, and oh man, do I hate it. So, what do we do when it never gets above 15 degrees and the air is deathly to breathe?
We read

We watch the birds on the many feeders that Matt has to refill almost daily. Our regular visitors: house sparrows, dark-eyed juncos, house finches, pine siskins, spotted towhees, gold finches. And the family favorite, black-capped chickadees:

We even got a sharp shinned hawk one day, attracted by the flocks of small, edible birds. We can always hear a flicker or two, and we have an owl we've seen once on an evening walk and hear most nights.

We also nap a lot

and do make believe

Super Hero

Stoic Heroine

and get all cozied up in our space PJs

And head down into the basement room we finished off.

Check out the beautiful bookcases my dad built

And when we can't stand being indoors anymore, we escape up the canyon to breathe some clear, non-inversioned air and get all good and warn out.

Just for fun, I'll share this sign we found posted by Ethan outside our bedroom door ( a no cat zone).