Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holiday Catchup Part 2

Just before Christmas we have the annual party on Matt's side complete with pinata...

...visit from Santa...

...and nativity.

The day before Christmas Eve we went to the museum at Hill Airforce base with Grandpa Dick.

Grandpa got to show off the plane he works on.

And these cute little cousins held hands through the whole place.

Christmas Eve everyone got their new pajamas.

Matt and I had so much fun with this Christmas because we made most of the gifts. Matt drew beautiful pictures of birds and framed an amazing picture he took while in Alaska. I crocheted hats and scarfs and made these tutus for the girls.

Along with washer necklaces and jars of homemade spice rubs, we were a regular santa's workshop all December.

Holiday Catchup Part 1

Events in the Howard home over the past few months:We got a cat. Owly. Very affectionate with a little stub of a tail.

Ethan lost three teeth in one week.

We had Thanksgiving with Matt's family and played some Rock Band with the cousins. I have some video that I am just dying to embarrass them with five years from now.

And of course, the snow came.

Ginny was disappointed she could no longer scoot around on her bike.

Matt built a big hill for the kids to sled on out front.

And the hallmark of Howards in winter, rosy cheeks and noses.