Friday, May 22, 2009


My friend Sue tagged me on her blog to pass on this random dive into the photo album that is our computer's memory.
So here goes:
Sixth folder, sixth picture, blog about it.

Looking at this picture my mind goes in a dozen different directions at once. Ethan is around 11 months old and we were just about to move out of the house on 36th street in Ogden that we'd been renting for a little over two years. Look at those cheeks! He certainly was no light weight.
He's sitting on the bear chair which Matt's sister Marci gave him for Christmas. Normally I'm very opposed to large stuffed animals, but that chair has been well used. Matt and I have both taken more naps on our kids floor using the bear chair as a pillow then I could count. It's been a usual spot for story times, a landing pad for daring jumps, and the ultimate end-all weapon in pillow fights. It's a lot flatter now than it is in the picture.
The backpack and folders on the couch in the back are a sign that the semester was in full swing for both of us. I was working at Weber State Credit Union and Matt was at UPS. We were just starting the transfer from Ogden and WSU to Logan and USU.
Ethan was such a good little baby, happy and easy going. I just can't believe how quickly he has grown from this chubby little cherub into the stretched out kid he is now. I miss having him as that snuggly little boy but I'm also glad to have the boy he is today.

Marci, I think your's is the only blog I read that hasn't been tagged yet so you're next!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All dressed up and nowhere to...splash?

So the kids have been trying to persuade me that it's time to put up the pool. They've been trying since last November, but now that we've had temperatures in the 80's I'm starting to actually listen to them. Joanna made the most convincing plea this morning when she came out dressed up in every piece of swimming paraphernalia we own. I guess today's the day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


We've got the King Kong of stomach flus rampaging through our house right now, smashing some of us into weeping piles of misery while the rest of us cower in fear, waiting for the moment it spies us and reaches out to crush us with it's cruel hand.

So far Ethan and Jo have been the ones to suffer. I've never seen these kids so sick for so long. Ginny has had a fever and sleeps a lot, and Matt and I have escaped so far with only sympathy nausea and exhaustion.
On a lighter note, our bird feeder is finally being visited (we've seen lazuli buntings and ruby-crowned kinglets) so the kids have something to watch out the window as they loll whimpering on the couch.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Heavy Reading

Yes. That is Shakespeare, the complete works. Just a little something to wind down with before bed.