Saturday, September 27, 2008

The caterpillar

I've been hanging on to these pictures because I thought I'd have a whole series. Caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly. But I'm thinking we're not making it that far.
Caterpillars became a big thing in our neighborhood this fall. My kids were finding them left and right, so we got out a bottle, put some leaves in and caught a couple. We had a bright fuzzy green one and a fuzzy black and orange one.

Matt looked them up and they're actually moths, not butterflies, but the kids were loving it anyway. The caterpillars followed set paths for almost a whole day. The green one circled round and round the bottom of the jar while the orange and black one climbed to the top and back down over and over.

Joanna would take them for "walks" and even give them the occasional ride on the skateboard.

The kids were fascinated but I started to get concerned when we never saw them eating the leaves. We tried different kinds but no dice. Finally the green one looked like it was building a cocoon, however it stopped before it had made more than a lacy netting around itself, and we could still see it inside. The other one finally stopped it's travels and clung to the underside of the lid. It hasn't moved for quite a while, it's hair has fallen off and it looks kind of bloated. Joanna insists that they are both sleeping. I'll keep up the hope for a little while longer that she's right.

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