Sunday, September 7, 2008

A couple of Jo stories

Our rule for watching tv in the morning is that you must first eat breakfast, brush your teeth and get dressed. The other day I was changing Ginny when Joanna asked to 'atch show. I told her she had to be dressed first and I would help her as soon as I was done with Ginny. Not wanting to wait for me, she got dressed herself. This was the result. I conceded it was a good effort and she got her show.

Labor day weekend we went down to Ogden to visit the families. Sunday evening we had these awesome lemon meringue tartlets for dessert. I went downstairs to feed Ginny and Ethan very sweetly brought me a slice of pie. Joanna followed soon after. She pointed out the window and said "ook momma, twee!" and I looked. As I was looking I hear her little voice say "my cake". I turn around to see her exiting the room carrying my dessert. The little stinker bums learn so early.

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