Monday, September 8, 2008

Out of Gas

Our Rodeo is a pretty good car. We've had it since Ethan was a babe and we haven't had any major repairs on it (knock on wood). It does however have a broken fuel level sensor. The sensor is inside the fuel pump which means we would have to replace a perfectly good fuel pump (around $600) in order to fix the fuel sensor. So we have to go by our mileage to estimate how much gas we have. Every once in a while, we estimate wrong. And so we send our brave Matt out to walk to the nearest gas station. It's a toss up which is more unpleasant. The embarrassing walk along the side of the road with that bright red gas can that signals to everyone who passes that yes, we ran out of gas. Or the long wait in the car with the kids.
Ethan is the only one who is aware enough to know that something is not right. His first reaction is confusion,
Followed by boredom.
And so it is up to me to entertain somehow.
Luckily the times we've run out of gas have usually been around naptime, so the girls obligingly snooze.
Then, finally, our hero arrives.

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