Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mommy Popped the Baby

A few days ago, Joanna brought me a little water balloon and asked me to blow it up for her. She was so cute that I didn't want to say no, but I wasn't ready to let her go play outside yet. So I filled it up with just a little bit of water so it would be hard to break and she could play inside with it while I got the rest of the family ready for the day. She loved that it was so small and called it a baby. A little bit later she brought me another balloon to fill up and said "mommy" over and over. I just thought she was trying to get my attention and was saying my name. I did another balloon for her, this one ending up being a little bit bigger. She brought me another balloon saying "daddy". At this point I realized what she was doing. I was proved right when she brought me two more balloons, asking for "ethan" and "me". She was making a water balloon version of our family. She put them all in a basket and carried them to different rooms to play with them. She had the Mommy hold the baby, she had the daddy throw the Joanna in the air, and she had the Joanna and Ethan fight.
Inevitably, Ethan also asked for a balloon. I gave him one, telling him he better be darn careful and not pop it in the house. I also gave Joanna the same warning. Of course the one to pop a balloon in the house would end up being me.

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Sue said...

How cute is that?