Friday, July 11, 2008

Blessing Ginny

We had Ginny's blessing last Sunday. It seems like it was meant to be a really great day. The kids all woke up early enough to be ready on time without being rushed. Everyone was happy and looking good as we headed out the door. We actually made it to church a little early! I got more and more worried as the meeting progressed though because my parents hadn't showed up. The rest of my family wasn't able to come so it was especially important to me to have my parents there. Our ward usually has the blessings right before the Sacrament, so as they were wrapping up the ward business I just felt sick, thinking they wouldn't make it. Then, an inspired Brother Beorchia went right on into the Sacrament hymn and skipped the blessing. I don't know if he hadn't been told we were blessing Ginny, or if he just forgot, but either way, my silent prayers were answered because it gave my parents time to get there.

Matt gave a beautiful blessing. What stuck with me was he blessed her to be able to look at the natural world and have it testify to her of God and his love for her. He also blessed her to know that she was born at a time of great opportunity. A time when the church has been restored and there is a living prophet on the Earth. That she will have the chance to be educated and that she should seek out all the knowledge she can. He blessed her to be married in the temple and have children and that she will make the world a better place. Virginia is named after Matt's maternal grandma. He blessed her to know that her namesake was an amazing woman and that she would live up to the example she set. Also that she would have a desire to know her ancestors and to be a strong link in the chain between them and her offspring. Matt's blessing inspired some very wonderful testimonies and the whole meeting was so nice.

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