Monday, July 7, 2008

It's been close to two weeks since I last made an entry and hoo boy, it's been a busy two weeks. Quite a bit has happened that's worth writing about so I think I'll try and break it up into a few different entries. Since it takes a gazillion years to upload photos, I'll start out with a couple of photoless stories.
Ethan's been obsessed with Indiana Jones for the past month or so. He's never seen the movies but his buddies down the road got all excited about the new one coming out, and one of them had the Lego Indiana Jones video game, and so they played Indiana Jones all over the neighborhood and it's been Ethan's main topic of conversation. We finally decided he'd probably be ok watching one of the old ones with a few spots fast forwarded so we netflixed the first one, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Within the first twenty minutes a big mystery was solved for us. Another obssesion Ethan has had for the past month or so is his stuffed snake he calls Rebby. Rebby goes everywhere with him, wrapped around his shoulders when he rides his bike. If you can remember the movie, Indiana Jones is running from the local tribesmen and yells for his pilot to start the plane. He hops in and they take off just in time, however Jones notices that his seat in the plane is already occupied by a large snake. He screams at the pilot about this, and the pilot says "oh that's just my pet snake Reggie". Matt and I looked at eachother with oooooohh expressions. Somewhere along the line one of his friends quoted that part of the movie and either the friend got it wrong saying Rebby instead of Reggie, or Ethan heard it wrong. Ethan being Ethan, my guess is the latter.
One more thing brought about by Indiana Jones was a quote that went into my book of cute things the kids say.
"The bad guy in Indiana Jones (Beloc, Jones's competitor) looks like Bill".
"Who's Bill?"
"He's the human that gives out tootsie pops".
Apparently, knowing that the neighbor that hands out candy is not an alien, monster, or anything else non-human is important knowledge for a five year old.

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Sue said...

Bill does look a little like that guy...Ethan is a cute kid. I'm glad you wrote that's a cute one.