Wednesday, January 19, 2011

 January is two thirds over.  I guess it's time to stop using the "November and December were so full and busy I need to just relax for a while" excuse and start being productive again.  My first project?  Finishing up with posts that should have been on here a long time ago, because thanks to a wonderful gift I received for Christmas, I realize how priceless this little piece of the internet is for me and my family.  Matt's sister Jill spent hours and Matt's mom paid to turn my blog (as well as three others) into a beautiful book, preserving these memories of our family in print.  Reading through it there are so many stories and pictures that I had forgotten about and I was so grateful that I had blogged about them.  So I'll do some catching up for a while.  I have no excuses to not, especially since my kids have been wonderful about keeping themselves entertained lately.  Like this for example:
 Last week, while Ethan was at school and Ginny napped, Joanna stayed busy giving all her stuffed animals collars.  They were all decorated differently and came complete with a jingle bell and a penny (the name tag).

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