Thursday, January 20, 2011


 Just before Thanksgiving we got hit with a blizzard.  All of Northern Utah was warned to be home by 3:30 or else.  School let out early and we hunkered down.  Just as predicted, at 3:30 on the button a gale whooshed through and we couldn't see the houses across the street until late into the evening.  It was awesome.  The snow blew sideways for hours.   Compared to what the East got a few weeks later this wasn't all that big of a deal, a drift a few inches deep against our front door.  But I think it's something our kids will remember for years.  We found out at Thanksgiving that it only really got Cache Valley and the rest of Northern Utah was left cursing the weather folks for making a big deal about nothing.   For us it was perfect.  No school or work the next day and mounds of fresh snow to play in.

After a wonderful Thanksgiving we moved on into Christmas mode.
I mean it when I say it is impossible to get a picture of these kids without someone pulling a face.
December is, of course, the month of parties.  We started off with Matt's work party which gave Matt and me a chance to have a free night in Salt Lake by ourselves and the kids got a sleepover with a Grandma who loves to spoil them.
I think we can label this past December as the year we forgot to bring our camera to anything, so I'm grateful for generous people who volunteered to take pictures for us.
 We had lots of family parties.  The Isaacson party, complete with Santa:


 And Zombie pinata.

 Our ward primary did a beautiful nativity at the first ever 22nd ward Christmas party:
Ethan the donkey, kneeling in the middle watching Ginny, the wandering angel.
Joanna arranging her halo.
Matt had a few days of work but for the most part was home a lot.  Which was very nice.  Especially since December has also meant we turn our house into a little Santa's workshop, making all our Christmas gifts.

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