Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ethan is 8

 My baby boy is 8 years old now. 
 We celebrated with cupcakes and presents.

 Ethan asked for a big Lego set for his birthday.  We spent Halloween evening after trick or treating "helping" him put it together.
 I love Han's smirk.
 Of course, it only took a day for it to return to it's original state.

 And, with turning 8 came Ethan's choice to be baptized.


Marci said...

Those pictures are super cute. Congratulations Ethan! We wish we could have been there, especially for some of those awesome spider web cupcakes. We love you guys!

becky rigby said...

Did you make those cupcakes? That is amazing! What a sweet picture of Matt and Ethan in all white. Congratulations Ethan.... pretty soon you'll be able to drive. =)