Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Break

Ethan's only wish for Spring Break was to stay in a hotel. It didn't matter where as long as it had a pool. That left our options fairly open so we opted for a night in Salt Lake. We took the kids to the aquarium while we were down there. The fish elicited the expected oohs and aahs, but what really got the kids excited were the reptiles and amphibians. Snakes and turtles and frogs and caymans. Throw in a couple of bird eating tarantulas and the kids were in heaven. Joanna is terrified of dogs but she didn't think twice about putting here face right up to a spider the size of her head.
On the way home from Salt Lake we went to the annual Isaacson family Easter party. It's Matt's side of the family with all his aunts and uncles and cousins. They roast enormous hot dogs and have an easter egg hunt.
Ginny with Grandma Janet

Ginny with Aunt Jill

It's always a great time, and every year the kids go from excitedly inspecting their haul

to sugar induced meltdown

to passing out in the car.

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becky rigby said...

That's funny that Ethan just wanted to stay in a hotel with a pool. That's what I tell Caleb I want for any holiday.

They made out like bandits with all of their loot. :) The picture of Jill and Ginny is super cute.