Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Animal Days

The American West Heritage Center, here in Cache Valley, is a living history farm. Life as it was at the beginning of the 20th century is reenacted all year long. Every spring they have Baby Animal Days, a festival where the newest additions to the farm are shown off. It's a blend of a mountain man rendezvous and petting zoo.

Exploring a dug-out cabin

Every corner of the grounds has something to keep the kids busy. There's the hatchet toss

Pony rides

And new to us this year, cricket eating.

Joanna looked at the bug, then looked at Matt like he was crazy. Didn't he know that bugs are icky? Ethan on the other hand, Mr picky eater himself, didn't hesitate.

I don't think we'll be returning to that booth next year.

Ginny, as always, was the best baby ever.

She happily watched everything that was going on around her, and especially loved the baby animals

which of course is the whole reason for going to Baby Animal Days.



Joanna preferred to have someone else hold the animal while she petted it.


Looking at piglets


Caleb and Becky Rigby said...

These pictures are so stinking cute! Marci told us about your new place, you'll have to put some pictures on here.

Buckwheat said...

I can't look at those pictures of Ethan and the cricket without hearing little-kid dry heaves, like the sound that Chunk makes when he's telling the Theater story.