Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sorry for the month of silence. We bought a house which was exciting and scary and time consuming. I promise that in time I will add posts about what the house looks like and what we're doing to it, but for right now, just know that we love it, it almost immediately felt like home, and Matt and I are blossoming in our new roles as Mr and Mrs Fix-It.


I've had this folder of pictures waiting to be posted for a while. It's amazing, the wave of love and adoration that floods you when you see your sleeping babe, regardless of whether or not they were a holy terror not 15 minutes earlier. It's hard to pick favorites so this will be a mostly visual post, and sorry for the repeats but they belong in this one. (It's easy to tell who is who thanks to each child having their own identifying blanky close at hand).


Ethan and Joanna after swimming lessons



Ethan, one of many times having fallen asleep while reading Calvin and Hobbes

Sunday afternoon

Ethan couldn't resist a bed of warm, soft clothes

Matt and Jo

This was back in the bakery days, when I would work from 3:00 to 7:00 in the morning and blessed the fact that Ethan still took long afternoon naps.

Post Thanksgiving nap

For his first three years Ethan was on such a good schedule that he never fell asleep somewhere other than his bed. Except for once, at a demolition derby. Go figure.

Joanna can fall asleep anywhere

Ginny and Cousin Rocky, doing what babies do while camping.

Baby Ethan, one week old.

Trying out the new bunk beds at Grandma Janet's.

Baby Ethan


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Marci said...

I loved this post so much that I almost cried. I miss you guys!