Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Kid Stories

Our backyard is awesome in the fall. The trees drop so many leaves the kids can just about swim in them. I recently did an impromptu photo shoot of Joanna so I thought I'd share some of the pictures along with a couple more stories.

Ethan will often ask for "music that is fast and that I like." That usually means some kind of punk music, his favorite being the Ramones. The other day in the car Matt put on a song that started out slow with just some piano. Ethan whipped out a whiney "nooo" followed by "I want music with a drummer and a guitar and a guy with a microphone that sings, NOT piano."

The kids were fighting over who got the green cup. I said "If you close your eyes, the cups are exactly the same." Joanna squeezed her eyes shut really tight and said "oh, dawk." She did it over and over all over the house.

Ethan asked me how old Ginny is. I had toothpaste in my mouth at the time so my answer came out as "five mumfs."
Ethan: "what are mumfs?"
Me: "no, five months. She's five months old."
Ethan: "oh, ok...what are mumfs?"
Me: "no, I meant to say months but I had toothpaste in my mouth so it came out sounding like mumfs. Mumfs is not a word."
Ethan: "oh, ok...but what are mumfs?"

If Ginny seems to be getting shorted blog time, it isn't because she's not cute. It's more like everything she does is cute, but in a 'you had to be there' sort of way.

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Buckwheat said...

Those are really and cute pictures, and I like the stories as well. Ok, all chitchat aside, let's get serious here. What exactly are mumfs? No, really