Monday, November 3, 2008


This Halloween was a good one. In the morning I took the kids with my friend Sue and her kids to downtown Logan. A lot of the stores hand out candy to trick-or-treaters and it was a good way to wear the kids out so they'd nap before the rest of the festivities. It's become tradition to have the entire neighborhood meet in the late afternoon and do a costume parade to the end of the street and back. People put out stereos and play Halloween music to walk to, and after the parade we gather for pizza. After some mingling and picture taking everyone dispurses for some Trick or Treating.
Ethan went as a spy
Joanna was a tiger
and Ginny was a bug
Here's all the neighborhood kids (Ethan is in the front to the right, Joanna is front middle behind the frog)
I tried to get a picture of Joanna with her friends Allie (lion) and Aubrey (skunk) but I didn't manage to get one with all of them looking cute at the same time, so to be fair, here's the one with no one looking their best
This is Ethan with his best friends Carson (Tiger) and Jake (Cow).
And one last one. These are the kids that usually play together every afternoon, minus Joanna.
Left to right: Lily, Aubrey, Carson, Ethan, Jake and Allie.
I love Halloween. Yes, the candy is awesome, but what's really great about it is that it makes these kids, who are just about as cute as you can get, somehow even more cute.

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Sue said...

Where was Joanna? Now I want a re-take.
The one of the girls was funny...what a cute pile of kids.