Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cold days are upon us

Of course the fates would have it that we'd get a slushy snow storm and freezing temperatures the week that Matt is in Vernal.
I still force the kids outside, but we don't last long. Ginny's usually the first to complain, having never known cold before in her life. Joanna's nose becomes as red as a cherry and starts running like a faucet. And even for me, the lure of chatting with the ladies starts to be trumped by the lure of hot chocolate.
Ethan's the only one that doesn't seem to mind the drop in temperature. He never seems to notice what the weather is like (some of you may remember the trouble we had getting him to dress in anything but sweat pants and long sleeve t-shirts when the temperature was in the 90s this past summer.)
I knew it was inevitable, this move towards winter. And I should be grateful for the long Indian summer we had. So I guess I'll just accept that I can't go out in flip flops anymore, curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, and dream about when summer will come again.
Ethan, not too long ago, enjoying the last warm days with his friends Aubrey, Carson, and Jake


Sue said...

Another great picture that I'd love to have!
I remember Ethan's sweats well, along with the red face from over heating...

Marci said...

If you guys moved to Oregon it would be much better. It is rainy, but not cold and rainy. Well, not yet at least. You should move her anyway.