Monday, August 18, 2008

I know, I know

It's been a while since I last posted. Sorry. Let's play catch up.
Matt did his stint of field work in Vernal. There were some good things and some bad things about it. Good thing: Matt's mom generously took the two older kids down to her house for the first three days leaving the house all to Ginny and myself. Bad thing: She took the kids because I had to go to the dentist three times to get fifteen cavities filled. Yeah. Fifteen. Apparently this last pregnancy wreaked total havoc on my mouth. Anyhoo, it's done, they're filled, let's move on and forget about it, shall we? Good thing: We all got some good visiting in with my folks and with Matt's family, including cousin Rocky.

Bad thing: Matt was gone for TEN days. We all suffered without him, and we're very glad that he has a job right here in Cache Valley so we don't have to go that long without him on a regular basis.
So Matt came home, we went to a wedding, my family had a family reunion (both in Ogden, both attended by people we don't get to see all that often) and we decided to stay home until Ethan starts school. The amount of exhaustion you feel after traveling increases exponentially with each kid.
Ginny had her two month checkup. 14 pounds 2 ounces, 23 3/4 inches long. She's still off the percentile chart but her growth has slowed down. I was looking through my other kids growth charts and she is by far the chubbiest infant, but that doesn't mean Ethan and Jo weren't big babies. Ginny just packed it on earlier. By Two years old, Joanna was 30 pounds and 37 inches and Ethan was 40 pounds and 37 inches. That's a lot of toddler to carry around.
So the last month of summer vacation has just been relaxed away. Ethan started up hockey skating lessons again. We've done walks to the park and trips to the library, and a few farmers markets. The kids have spent most afternoons in our blow up pool.

With one week left before school starts, I think Ethan is hoping for one last big neighborhood water fight.

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