Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A budding Michael Phelps?

It's not like I'm already making plans for the 2020 Olympics, but while I was buying school clothes for Ethan I noticed some similarities between Ethan and the olympian Michael Phelps (just ignore the fact the I'm comparing a 5 year old to a 21 year old). We had just watched a special on Phelps that talked about what makes him so well designed for swimming. The main things talked about were the long torso and short legs (Phelps has the legs of a 6 foot man with the torso of a 6 foot 8 man) and the long arms that are 3 inches longer than the average man of his height. Even though Ethan gets significantly taller every year, his pant size has not changed as dramatically, which I noticed when I had him try on some jeans a size larger than he wore last year and they all had two inches dragging on the ground. However when we got to shirts and sweatshirts I had to jump several sizes before having the sleeves reach all the way to his wrist.
Ethan did miss out on the double jointed knees and elbows, but he sure shares Phelps love of swimming. But for Ethan, it goes beyond swimming, he loves just getting wet. Thanks to the creeks that surround our home and the sporadic timing of our neighbors sprinklers, Ethan comes through the door soaking wet more often than dry.
We're missing the Olympics, or the "Olympkicks" as they are lovingly called in our house. It was good exposure for the kids to some of the sports that are out there. The kids favorites were the gymnastics and Judo (the number of summersaults and wrestling matches in our home increased ten-fold during those two weeks). It was also a good chance to talk to the kids about exercising and eating good foods to have strong bodies like the athletes. The ironic thing though was how much watching the Olympics turned us into couch potatoes.

So it's probably a good thing they only come around every two years.

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