Saturday, August 30, 2008

Farmers Market

Our solution to the age-old child rearing problem of "my kids won't eat vegetables"? Don't cook 'em. My kids will eat any vegetable as long as it's raw. I think that's part of why we love the farmers market so much. Cheap, fresh, better-than-store-bought vegetables that our kids will gorge on. I love the shirt that Ethan is wearing in the picture above because it's true, he does eat his veggies.

Just about every Saturday we load up and head into Logan for the morning. I love our local farmers market, which they actually call the Gardners Market and it makes sense. You've got a few of your bigger farms that set up big tents spilling over with produce, but for the most part the vendors are people with a garden that is producing more than they can eat so they've come to sell their extras. The local bakeries are well represented and our Saturday mornings aren't complete without turnovers.
The market is set up in a park downtown. There's a big playground close by that the kids wear themselves out on while Matt and I sneak bites of their turnovers because we've already polished off our own. We've learned to pack extra clothes because there is a stream running through the park and if there is a body of water within a mile of Ethan, no matter how small, he will find it and he will soak himself.
My favorite part of the year is coming up when the brandywine tomatoes are at their ultimate tomatoey best, huge and bumpy and calling out to you to make a BLT so fat that you can't put your mouth around it. And the apples. Oh man. With so much cider oozing out that you might as well stick a straw in and slurp it up and you wonder why oh why did we ever buy those sorry excuses for apples at the grocery store when something as heavenly as this exists. I love the apples.

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Those are great pictures. Loved the story too...