Monday, June 23, 2008


Since Matt is gone all day he usually takes care of bedtime for the kids. He and Joanna have a pretty cute routine together. She crawls into Ethans bed and Matt reads her a bunch of "sories" while she drinks her milk and snuggles her blanky. Then we all do family prayer. She's started to mumble along with whoever is saying the prayer. Then she gets snuggled by daddy while they sing her favorite songs. She usually asks for "su-shine" (you are my sunshine) first, and then "B" (sunbeam). Once there was a snowman gets her lowered into bed on the "small, small, small" part, and sometimes there is a rousing head shoulders knees and toes thrown in. Joanna adores her daddy and I love that they get that special little bit of time together.
Good behavior earns Ethan the right to stay up later than Jo. He has a hard time going to bed at a decent hour anyway since it's light so late right now. He'll usually go for a bike ride or read calvin and hobbes. When he does finally go to bed, he's asleep in seconds.
Ginny's routine consists of a bath and a lot of snuggling and rocking. She's so sweet all the time, but I especially love her when she's squeaky clean and in fresh pjs and all relaxed from her bath. She seems most content then too.

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