Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Joanna got a ladybug habitat for her birthday.  She mailed off for her baby lady bugs and a week later they came in the mail.  She dumped a mass of what looked like half inch long alligators into their new home.  Joanna was very dutiful in making sure their water sponge was wet and they weren't in direct sunlight and that no one touched their little world because "it would make them think there's an earthquake and they'll die".   She got excited about every step they made in their march to adulthood.  They ate what looked like ground up graham crackers for a couple weeks, quadrupled in size,  and then as a group attached their little behinds to the roof.  They just hung there for another week and I'll admit I started to worry they had all died.  Finally they all busted out of their old husks and looked like honest to goodness ladybugs.  Except yellow.  They stayed with us a few more days eating water soaked raisins while they put on a more rosy hue and then finally Joanna released them all into our strawberry patch.

"raising ladybugs is awesome"


Kaylee Snyder said...

What a fun birthday present. Sounds like Joanna learned a lot.

Janet said...

I am so grateful to see this blog, again. I know it's hard, but bless you! Mothers-in-law also love the blogs! Pretty adorable children! Love you, Janet

Sue said...

That is really cool! We did butterflies last week and now we are going to have to copy you for our next adventure.
And yay for some fun blog posts!