Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From Soccer to Baseball

Another round of sports for Ethan. The age group Ethan was in this year for soccer had the kids actually play a position instead of setting them loose to follow the ball over the entire field like a pack of hounds after an elusive fox. Ethan still preferred playing goalie.

I think that's because he likes to pretend like he's a soldier defending a fort. Hence the "shooting" at the ball.

When he wasn't playing goalie he was happy to let the more aggressive kids handle the ball while he followed close behind to cheer them on.

And now we're into baseball. Ethan had his first game this past week. He played catcher for the first two innings

and got a hit both times he was up to bat.

Matt got recruited to play first base coach

and as always, the girls were great little cheerleaders.

Joanna called this "Ethan being happy in the sun"

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