Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy Bug

Joanna makes me laugh every day. She gets lost in her own little world for hours. She builds and plays with her animals and is always just busy, busy, busy.

She loves the show Dinosaur Train because she loves all things scaly or slithery or slimy or crawly. She'll set up railroad tracks all over the house using different mediums (in the picture above she used blocks but she has also been known to incorporate books or cards or marbles).

When not constructing her own Union Pacific, she is building castles for her favorite toy, aptly named Castle.

Note the "Monster Truck" parked out front

Something inside her thrills at the idea of lining things up and arranging things for display. She has put her skills to good use lately by making me bouquets of "not mommy's" flowers,

as well as bouquets of playdough.

I was informed that all the empty cans are lined up to form the vase

Joanna doesn't move much while sleeping so her bed has become Owly's favorite place to crash at night.

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Sue said...

That is pretty darn cute. I love the flowers. She makes some great castles too. The other day, Allie was asking about Joanna. We'll have to come play.