Monday, July 20, 2009


Ethan played soccer and t-ball over the past few months, and he definitely enjoyed soccer more. It's his kind of thing because he never has to stop moving. He had a silly grin on his face every game, even the one during a snow storm when half the other kids came off the field bawling because it was so, so cold. He surprised us by being pretty good too. Before his first game Matt said he would be happy if Ethan got at least one goal during the season. He got three that first game. So of course after that we became horribly competitive parents and had to hide our disappointment if he didn't score. He truly loved it though, whether he scored or not. And he was definitely one of the more entertaining goalies. Being in front of the net was like being on a stage and he had to show off his moves.

The t-ball season just wrapped up, and I can't blame Ethan for being relieved. It might get to be more fun when he gets into the older leagues where people actually get out and the entire team doesn't bat and run the bases every inning. I have to brag again though, because for the last few games they turned it into coach pitch, and Ethan always got a hit. I'll have to try and remember that and try to forget watching him pick his nose for ten minutes straight.

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