Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birthday Cake

Ginny turned one year old! We had both sets of grandparents up to our place for a little party.

When it came time for the cake, Ginny loved the candles and singing. But then she stuck her fingers in the frosting, realized it was gooey, and didn't want anything to do with it. We tried to get pictures of her eating her cake but she wouldn't let a bite get anywhere near her. Oh well, we thought, more cake for us. Later, after the grandparents had left, I came upon this:

That's my little piglet.


Janet said...

Oh, my gosh...that is the cutest! We love our grandkids! Thanks for them. Love, Janet

Marci said...

I keep looking at this post over and over again. It makes me so happy that she is underneath the table licking the plate. She's such a cool kid.

becky rigby said...

I love that she is hiding under the table licking the plate. That's usually where I go when I lick my plates clean too. =)