Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Bye FIghty

Our pet beta Fighty went to fish heaven sometime during the night last night. He was a good little fish, he lasted two months shy of a year. There was debate about whether to tell the kids outright or try and sneak a new "fighty" into the bowl. Telling the kids won out, and we didn't have much to worry about. Ethan was sad for about two seconds and then moved on with his life. It'll take a couple days for him to process it (already his usual slurry of 'what if' questions have been replaced by questions about death), but for the most part, he's just accepted it as part of life. Fighty will be missed though, and thanks to Joanna calling all fish "fighties", he'll be remembered for a while to come.

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Sue said...

Sorry for your loss...we even had fun with Fighty. Allie stared at that fish for hours when we "fish sat" him.