Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cheese Part 2

Ginny is our smiliest baby by far. Ethan was a good smiler but he was nearly 8 weeks old before popping out with a grin. Joanna's smiles came earlier, but she was always a little stingy with them. Ginny's smiles came even earlier and she gives them out like it's easier than breathing. Sometimes she even has a little grin on her face while she's sleeping.
For the past little while she's been getting really good at mimicking. Stick out your tongue, she'll stick out hers. Nod your head, she enthusiastically copies. And with smiles, it seems like she has noticed that we have a lot going on in our faces when we smile at her, so she has tried to follow our lead.
She smiles, then scrunches up her face, then lets out a giggle and looks at us like she's so proud of herself for figuring this out.
What a doll.

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Marci said...

She is so awesome!