Monday, August 29, 2011

Fryer Family Campout

The Fryer clan finally did it.  We've talked about having a big family camping trip for a while now.

My dad rented an RV, Doug borrowed some canoes and kayaks and we headed up to a beautiful area in the Manti-La Sal mountains with twin ponds.

There was a lot of kayaking

Matt and Ethan

and crashing of said kayaks

Ben and Ethan

and taking lazy rides in kayaks

Ben and Annabelle

and swimming

and thinking about swimming

and riding in the back of the truck between the campsite and ponds

and hanging out with cousins

and lazing in the hammock (really, camping is so much better with a hammock in the shade somewhere)

and hiking

Matt, Andrew, and Cocoa

and whittling

Andrew, Ben, and Kent

and making of tie-dye shirts.


Ben and one of the beavers.  There was also an Osprey that made quite a few appearances.

I think I'd call it a success

Matt, Joanna with my dad's puppy Snickers, Dad, Andrew and Alexis

(Some of you may be thinking "hey, some of those pictures look familiar".  I borrowed them from your facebook.  Thankyou.)

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