Saturday, October 9, 2010


 For the longest time, Ethan had it in his mind that Vernal was the greatest place on Earth.  That tells you how much we travel as a family.  We went there when he was four and it was his first experience with a hotel that he could remember.  Not only did he get to sleep in the same room as us,  the hotel had a pool and he got to swim to his little heart's content.  Ever since then he would ask over and over "when are we going to Vernal again?"  I think what he was really asking was "when do we get to stay in a hotel with a pool again?"
Things worked out that Matt was in Vernal for work over a school holiday so we joined him.  While Matt was out in the desert looking for cactus, I took the kids to the Field Museum.  For those of you unfamiliar with Vernal, UT, it's right in the heart of dinosaur country.  Joanna's love of dinosaurs was just budding, and she was soooo excited.

 And seriously.  I challenge anyone to get these kids to keep a straight face when a camera is pointed at them.

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Buckwheat said...

I like how the dinosaurs/prehistoric creatures are behind the windows in the first few pictures. It gives an impression of danger there that seems to be missing from the Ogden dinosaur museum. On the other hand, Ogden has Zane the dino brain. Pretty good trade-off.