Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holiday Catchup Part 1

Events in the Howard home over the past few months:We got a cat. Owly. Very affectionate with a little stub of a tail.

Ethan lost three teeth in one week.

We had Thanksgiving with Matt's family and played some Rock Band with the cousins. I have some video that I am just dying to embarrass them with five years from now.

And of course, the snow came.

Ginny was disappointed she could no longer scoot around on her bike.

Matt built a big hill for the kids to sled on out front.

And the hallmark of Howards in winter, rosy cheeks and noses.

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Sue said...

No way is Ginny that old looking!?! Wow. She wasn't walking yet the last time I saw her.
Looks like fun events at the Howards. Thanks for sharing! Now we need pictures of all the cool homemade gifts...