Saturday, March 7, 2009

Froggy (otherwise known as Fwoggy)

Joanna received Froggy as a gift for her first birthday.

He was instantly loved, but didn't become the favorite until Joanna was two. Then something clicked. I think Joanna figured out that it was easy to hold on to the back of his head and make him look around, giving him a lot more personality than the other stuffed animals. Whatever it was, Froggy has gone everywhere and done everything. I've already shared about storytime at the library when Joanna was suddenly sitting next to me whispering "look at Froggy" and Froggy had taken her place in the storytime circle.
He's also gone bowling

played with trains

Gone trick or treating

and enjoyed a good dinner at El Torro Viejo.

Occasionaly he will be shared with Ginny, but that kind of generosity only lasts for thirty seconds at the most.


Sue said...

I was afraid that this post would end with "and then fwoggy was lost..." It is quite cute how much she likes that frog.

Erica said...

I especially like the bowling picture. Good times.