Saturday, February 7, 2009

Silly Puddy Woes

"My head is stuck to my pillow!"
Not something you want to hear at 3:00 am.
Poor little Ethan fell asleep with silly puddy in is hand. In the night it transferred to his pillow, and then with the turning over that happens in sleep, spread to three different parts of his hair.
Thank heavens for google. Olive oil left to sit for a minute helped to break it down enough to be encouraged out with a comb. There were some tears and some cries of "just use scissors!" but it came out in the end.
I pulled out a hot wheels car that I had stashed away and gave it to him for being brave and we both went back to bed feeling like champions.


Sue said...

That is awful! So glad you got it out. Wow, maybe we'll save that picture in case Jake ever feels the need to sleep with his silly putty.

Marci said...

Brandon thinks he looks like a pretty hard core 80s rocker.
Oi! Oi! Oi!